Resolution of Disputes

The client’s needs and preferences dictate the approach to the mediated resolution of disputes.  Many legal professionals recommend Julie as a trained mediator because she has extensive experience in all approaches to the resolution of family law disputes:

Traditional advocacy and litigation
For those clients who sought a more traditional model of conflict resolution, Julie provided the skills necessary to promptly and effectively represent clients in the court room. Courtroom trials are the ultimately resolution of this approach and for 40 years, Julie, as a seasoned litigator, helped clients present their best case to the court.  Because of her zealous advocacy, many lawyers and legal professionals have referred their family and friends to Julie in traditional divorce cases.

Collaborative Law
An alternative to traditional litigation models, the collaborative process provides another option for dispute resolution for many clients. Julie has the required training and experience to practice this method of representation and successfully guided many clients through the process. For clients that desired to avoid the formal requirements of traditional litigation and sought settlements that promoted the goals and interests of the client, Julie's legal skill offered collaborative clients another way to conclude their divorce. 

What We Do...

Attorney Julie M. Gay Mediation Services provides effective and skilled mediation of legal disputes involving family relationships. With 40 years of family law experience, Attorney Gay will assist you through the mediation process in a manner that results in efficient and reasonable resolution, limiting the expense of court litigation and allowing the parties to fully shape the  conclusion of their divorce.


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