Family Law

Attorney Gay's current practice focuses on Family Law Mediation Services. For 40 years, Julie practiced extensively in all areas of family law disputes:

  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Child Custody and Placement
  • Child Support
  • Paternity Adjudication
  • Grandparents and Third Party Visitation
  • Marital Property Agreements

Appellate Litigation and Advocacy

Julie has continues to actively practice appellate advocacy and litigation.   Julie has a 40-year history drafting successful appeals and extensive experience in legal writing and appellate advocacy. Upon admittance to the Wisconsin Bar, Julie was the appointed law clerk for the Hon. Neal Nettsheim, Wisconsin Court of Appeals, where she assisted the drafting of appellate decisions, many of which developed the Wisconsin Family Law.  At the University of Wisconsin Law School, Julie was a Legal Writing teaching assistant and, as a law student, drafted appellate briefs in the Criminal Appeals Unit for the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office.  Over her long career, Julie's appellate clients include persons who have divorced, municipalities and judges. Appellate referrals are accepted. 

Probate Actions and Wills

Julie has represented Personal Representatives in Probate actions throughout her legal career. She also prepares wills and powers of attorney.

Municipal Litigation

As an assistant city attorney for the City of Waukesha for 32 years, Julie has extensive municipal experience. She also served as the attorney for the Village of Union Grove, Racine County, for many years. In addition, she has provided legal assistance to the City of Brookfield and the Village of Big Bend in Waukesha County. 

What We Do...

Attorney Julie M. Gay Mediation Services provides effective and skilled mediation of legal disputes involving family relationships. With 40 years of family law experience, Attorney Gay will assist you through the mediation process in a manner that results in efficient and reasonable resolution, limiting the expense of court litigation and allowing the parties to fully shape the  conclusion of their divorce.


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